Prospective, randomised and blinded clinical trials in surgery and interventional cardiology demonstrate that proficiency based progression (PBP) training produces a superior intra-operative skill-set.1-5 The PBP approach to training relies on a robust, quantitative assessment of experienced operator performance to establish a benchmark.  Atypical expert performances can lower the benchmark level that trainees must demonstrate in simulation […]


GOTHENBURG, Sweden, Mentice welcomes the publication of a research paper in the jounal “Stroke” based on the use of its VIST® physics-based, high-fidelity simulator to train interventional neuroradiologists (INRs). The paper, Metric-Based Virtual Reality Simulation for Mechanical Thrombectomy—A Paradigm Shift in Training for Mechanical Thrombectomy in Acute Stroke, researched the use of high-end virtual reality simulation for […]

An Article publised on RTE Brainstorm – Authored by Prof Anthony G Gallagher The combination of high profile medical error cases, working time directives resulting in reduced working hours for doctors in training along with the rapid innovations and developments in medical technologies requires that medicine and healthcare must now consider new approaches to the […]