ASSERT provides state-of the-art facilities and cutting-edge technologies that focus on the application of Technology Enhanced Learning, Simulation Based Training and Virtual Reality Based Training for education in, and research on, technical and non-technical skills for healthcare professionals. 

These facilities are suitable and flexible in design to support a broad spectrum of healthcare educational activities, and healthcare research. ASSERT supports the design, development, deployment, trial and marketing of innovative simulation technology, disruptive healthcare solutions, in a simulated healthcare environment.

Surgical Skills Lab

A Post-graduate and CPD focused cadaveric facility where attendees can gain further specialist and applied hands on surgical skills experience of approaches to surgical technique, application and innovation across surgical specialities in a theatre environment developing best practice in prophylactic competences to patient care.

The SSL provides training facilities across the surgical spectrum including Neurology, Neuro-Vascular, ENT, Gynae, Orthopaedics and General at the cutting edge of new techniques.

  • Six operating skills stations with integrated AV and IT connectivity.
  • Suitable for courses for surgeons in training at novice, intermediate and advanced level, and at consultant levels across the surgical disciplines.
  • Hands-on experience with open surgical dissection and reconstruction procedures on fresh-frozen donor human cadavers.
  • Hands on surgical training in a safe environment.
  • General, endoscopic, laparoscopic and arthroscopic facilities.
  • A range of imaging modalities available including a GE systems  C.Arm.
  • Developing and testing for surgical implants, instrumentation and medical devices.

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Simulation Suites at ASSERT

The ASSERT Centre contains three state of the art high fidelity simulation suites. All suites have separate and independent control and debrief rooms, which offers maximum flexibility. The suites are fitted with the latest audio-video technologies to ensure that each and every teaching moment can be captured and replayed for educational and research purposes as required. The debrief rooms are fitted with oversized floor to ceiling windows to allow observers the experience of being immersed in the clinical scenario.

  • Flexibility to realistically simulate most clinical environments such as the ward, trauma bay, ICU/HDU, theatre, etc.
  • Suitable for training all healthcare professionals from novice to expert and in particular inter-professional team training.
  • Provides a safe environment to train for medical emergencies without risk to patients or healthcare providers.
  • One suite is fitted with the CAE Human Patient Simulator, the most advanced manikin-based simulator on the market which can be realistically ventilated on an ICU ventilator or anaesthetic machine, and interacts with real clinical multi-parameter monitors, this allows for highly realistic ICU and anaesthesia based simulations.
  • ASSERT also has a fleet of transportable simulators including Laerdal 3G, CAE iStan, Laerdal SimBaby and the highly realistic obstetric simulator Gaumard Victoria.
  • Ability to provide simulation in-situ simulation in the clinical environment with our fleet of transportable simulators and mobile audio-visual solutions.
  • 5 bed clinical ward area with full audio-visual capabilities suitable for manikin-based simulation, simulated patients, procedural skills and lectures.

If you require any further information on our facilities or courses.

+353 (0)21 420 5605