Training must be more than an interesting educational experience

An Article publised on RTE Brainstorm – Authored by Prof Anthony G Gallagher

The combination of high profile medical error cases, working time directives resulting in reduced working hours for doctors in training along with the rapid innovations and developments in medical technologies requires that medicine and healthcare must now consider new approaches to the training of healthcare professionals. The use of simulation and technology enhanced learning (TEL) for the acquisition and maintenance of skills has an increasing and central role to play, particularly for learning how to safely use new treatment and diagnostic technologies. Outcome-based training with TEL ensures training is to a quantitatively defined performance level and greater homogeneity in trainee skill-sets. Evidence from prospective, randomized studies shows that it is ‘outcome-based’ education and training produces trainees with skill-sets that are 40 – 70% better than trainees using a traditional approach to training across domains as diverse as surgical performance and communication skills. To achieve these gains simulation training must move to an outcomes based approach rather than remain an interesting educational experience.

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