The Malawi eHealth Research Centre, is a dedicated eHealth education and research facility. It is designed to act as an international hub for academic and industry partners with an overall aim to enhance the delivery of healthcare across Malawi. In 2020, Shivika Marwaha a Medical Student at University College Cork (UCC) has been awarded the inaugural Malawi eHealth Research Centre Scholarship. This scholarship will provide Shivika with research and travel support as part of the Risk Assessment using Practical and Innovative Diagnostic Diabetes tools (RAPID Diabetes Study) with dedicated assistance from the ASSERT Research Centre, UCC.

The Malawi eHealth Research Centre Scholarship will provide Shivika with an opportunity to extend on her previous research activities in India regarding the socioeconomic factors influencing the risk of developing obesity, hypertension and diabetes in rural and urban Indian women. Shivika is co-supervised by Dr Patrick Henn and Dr John O’Donoghue along with an international advisory panel:

  • Simon Taylor-Robinson, Imperial College London,
  • Siobhan O’Connor, University of Edinburgh,
  • Mala Mawkin, Imperial College London,
  • Griphin Baxter Chirambo, Mzuzu University,
  • Bo Andersson, Lund University.

The supervisory panel and the international advisory panel very much look forward to working with Shivika as part of her clinical and research studies within the area of global health.

Further details regarding the scholarship and the RAPID Diabetes Study can be found at the Malawi eHealth Research Centre website, news item.