Dr Pat Henn – UCC Hero

Pat was nominated by Nick Chisholm and members of the Centre for Global Development Steering Committee. 

Pat is Director of Research & Education in the ASSERT Centre in the COMH, which uses technology-enhanced learning to address issues of patient safety.

Pat and colleagues in ASSERT, along with Tyndall, CUH and a private sector company (8 West) have innovated the development of a COVID-19 Remote Early Warning System (CREW), based on a wearable sensor linked to an app and cloud-based server, for remote real-time continuous monitoring of healthcare staff temperatures. This has remote monitoring capability to provide solutions for remote care at low cost, and is attracting considerable interest from health agencies and companies as a potential application for monitoring of key COVID symptoms in post-lockdown scenarios. Due to its low cost and potential for scalability, the system could also have useful applications in developing countries.”