Cork Nursing Home piloting new tech to monitor staff temperatures


A nursing home in Co Cork is piloting an early warning system to detect COVID-19 among staff.

A census of mortality in Ireland’s nursing homes is now underway with priority testing of staff and residents also taking place.

Over half of all deaths from coronavirus have been associated with nursing homes.

Diarmuid Ó Dálaigh, owner of Oaklodge Nursing Home is testing the detection system from UCC and tech company, 8 West. Prof Barry O’Reilly is delighted to be working with Diarmud and his team at Oaklodge.

Each staff person here will wear a thermometer under their arm, a tiny little sensor which is connected via Bluetooth to their phone and on to a central system here.

The staff person themself and the Director of Nursing can see if there’s any spike in their temperature overnight, on their days off or indeed while they’re at work wearing this.