ASSERT and An Garda Síochána CBRNE Simulation

The ASSERT Team with members of An Garda Síochána and the CRBNE team.

ASSERT and An Garda Síochána recently joined forces to collaborate on a Serious Incident Escalation Simulation Project.

The simulation exercise took place here in ASSERT with the setting of a busy simulated Emergency Department, where members of An Garda Síochána had to maintain order and safety of patients and staff in a rapidly escalating situation.  The Simulation included the containment and management of a potentially dangerous biohazard which incapacitated several people.

The Gardaí had to maintain control of the situation, assist with emergency patient care while maintaining effective communication with the Control Base until the CRBNE (Chemical Radiological Biological Nuclear and Explosive) team arrived. The CBRNE simulation exercise was viewed live and evaluated positively by other senior and front-line emergency services, state bodies, healthcare professionals and voluntary services. The project offered the opportunity to engage, share best-practice and foster inter-agency collaboration.