Anatomy of Complications Workshop

The Anatomy of Complications Workshop is being held in The ASSERT Centre, College of Medicine & Health, UCC, Cork.
Suitable for :
Trainees & Consultants in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Urology and Pelvic Surgery
Dates :



This one and a half day workshop is divided into four discrete but integrated and related modules. The objective of the Workshop is to enhance understanding of the anatomy of the pelvis and improve management and prevention of surgical complications. It will provide the participants the opportunity to practice a range of procedures not commonly performed in clinical practice.

Hands-on dissection and grouping of participants of similar skill levels enables discussion and group learning under expert supervision. The sessions are fully interactive with a high ratio of knowledgeable faculty to participants. Faculty, which include leading experts in the fields of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Colorectal Surgery, Vascular Surgery and Urology provide superior training and immediate feedback in a practical and controlled workshop environment.


Course Organisers:
Prof Barry O’Reilly
Ms. Orfhlaith O’Sullivan



Robyn Leake (ACW)
Krish Karthigasu (ACW)
Emmet Andrews
John Coulter
Greg Fulton
Ian Harley
Matt Hewitt
Kevin Hickey
Shane Killeen
Brian Manning
Geoff McCracken
Ruaidhri McVey
Kevin O’Connor
Michael O’Leary
Aoife O’Neill


Course Content:
• Anatomy
• Surgical Skills
• Non technical skills
• Case Presentations


Course content, date and faculty may be subject to change or cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances.


The ASSERT Centre, College of
Medicine & Health, UCC,
Brookfield Health Sciences
Complex, College Road, Cork,

Further Information:

Tracy Ahern/Jean Scully

T: +353 21 420 5605



CPD Approval from UCC

Course Fees

Anatomy of Complications Workshop: €1550.00

Course Faculty

Prof. Barry Reilly

Prof. Barry Reilly

Obstetrician/Gynaecologist-Sub specialist in Urogynaecology
Ms. Orfhlaith O’Sullivan

Ms. Orfhlaith O’Sullivan

Consultant Urogynaecologist

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